Improve Your Production Readiness

This online Production Readiness Checklist will help you understand your current strengths and weaknesses and then recommend resources that can support you in taking the next steps on your Production Readiness journey.

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Understand Where You Are

Our set of carefully designed questions across 7 different areas will help you quickly establish your current level of Production Readiness.

You can view the results online as well as downloading them in CSV format for more detailed analysis.

Identify Your Next Steps

For each area we have identified a range of free or commercially available books, videos, blog posts, white papers and websites that will help you take the next steps on your Production Readiness.

Free and Open Source

This tool is made available under the MIT License: you are free to use, adapt and redistribute it, both for commercial and non-commercial use. There is no obligation to share your changes, although we always appreciate feedback!

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We do not harvest your data and we will not share your results with anyone else.

Meet the Team

This tool was created by members of DevOpsGroup with contributions from many other practitioners. You can find out more about the core team below.

Steve Thair

CTO at DevOpsGroup

Richard Sweeney

DevOps Consultant at DevOpsGroup